1. Public Safety:

A safer Brockton is a more prosperous Brockton. By putting forth efforts in community building and working alongside the police department and neighborhood associations, we will overcome issues such as crime, vandalism, dumping, and needles on the ground.

  • Bring all departments together to the table and work alongside each other on overlapping issues and objectives in order to improve the city. For example, expanding communication with each department by having bi weekly staff meetings where each department debriefs each other on current objectives and find where other departments may be able to assist.
  • Implementing police call systems throughout the city to help relieve perception of crime and add eyes to the Street.
  • Work with the police department on improving community relations by engaging at risk youth and hosting cultural competency workshops to better learn about the community we serve.
  • Community Building/Engagement: Unite communities by identifying and organizing Neighborhood Associations. Create platforms for public engagement such as community forums to encourage communication and transparency between community and government.
  • Work along Planning Department and Community on identifying Neighborhood Associations (NA), that serve as liaisons between government and residents and identify common interests and execute goals.
  • Have frequent community events such as play ways, walking plazas and forums and panels where community engagement is encouraged.
  • Provide transparency with government operations by creating a Citizens Advisory Committee so constituents may gain insight into daily processes.

2. Education:

Looking at decreasing deficit and lobbying at both state and federal level. Decreasing dropout rates and encouraging our youth to pursue post High School graduation goals.

  • Looking at other ways for funding such as scholarships, grants, and private/public investments.
  • Prioritizing funding to include middle school sport and working with community to encourage kindergarten-6 grade sport extra curricular involvement.
  • Increasing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) capacity  throughout all grade levels.
  • Working with teacher unions to help better our teaching staff and ensuring a stable  future for our students and teachers.

3. Infrastructure:

Improve bicycle/pedestrian/ADA/motorist accessibility. Improve street pavement, traffic lights and pedestrian signals.

  • Utilize a Level of Service Grading Matrix for street conditions. Grading will range from worst to best and prioritize street paving on streets in worst condition.
  • Work with the Regional Transit Agency, Regional Planning Agency, MassDOT, and MBTA on prioritizing improvements in Brockton such as complete streets, transit oriented development.
  • Increase Safe Routes To School participation with schools making sure there is more interaction between Safe Routes To School, parents, and our school system.

4. Economics/Business:

Bring businesses into Brockton. Alternative energy, micro-businesses, startups, green companies and light industrial.

  • Incentivize innovation in our city by reaching out to a variety of businesses such as technology companies to grassroot start ups will engage everyone to do business in Brockton.
  • Work with current businesses and unions to discuss and tackle the issues they face.
  • Incentivize businesses to hire locally.
  • Provide job training/work readiness/dress to success programs to the community.

5. Quality of life.

A stronger quality of life improves our city for everyone.

  • Working to improve life for the mentally and mobile impaired.
  • Address homelessness by creating a housing first initiative for our city.
  • Increase frequency of Community Clean up and coordinate with Parks Department on being more visible in the community.
  • Improve representation of our young and elderly population by erecting both a Seniors Commission and Youth Commission.
  • Cultural Coordination: Bringing all people together to learn and celebrate each other.
  • Having a multi cultural center in Brockton would help further unite a diverse Brockton. Have a central Multicultural center where people of all backgrounds can not only learn about their heritage but those of others in the community and enjoy celebrating our diverse community.